I tried overclocking my gpu now my pc won't work

Okay folks so i have a custom built pc with a gtx 980 in it.. I've had it for a while and recently wanted to try overclocking using msi afterburner.. i wstched a youtube video from jayztwocents and this asshat goes, "it's totally safe to slide that bar all the way to the right"... well considering this article thats not 100% true.. i was using low increments to oc at first and heard that and decided to try.. then my screen when all rainbow spazzy and whatnot.. now everytime i boot it up because of afterburner it automatically does the same thing. Anyone have any suggestions?

Full specs if it helps:

Msi z97 gaming 5 motherboars
Msi 980 gpu
I7 4970k cpu
Windows 10
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  1. i did the same thing with that video i had to uninstall msi afterburner and re start my pc every think was fine after that and my gpu was a gtx 980 msi oc
  2. I'm sure when he said slide it all the way to the right he meant the power limit slider not the core clock one. Try using integrated graphics, reset the settings on afterburner and you should be fine.
  3. He said slode it all the way to the right for the power. Never the mhz. You up the clock frequency by 10 or 25 a test then go again.
  4. When that happened to me i took out my mobo battery to let it cool down and put it back in.
    It worked for me, try that and see how it goes.
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    Use the iGPU of your 4790K (disable the PCI-e slot or take out the GPU), reset MSI Afterburner, turn off PC and put the card back in (or restart and re-enable the PCI-e slot) and you're good to go.

    The POWER LIMIT slider can go all the way to the right if you have a decent PSU, the MHz you have to test in increments (however most cards will allow you to go all the way to the right).

    What is strange though, is that a modern card like that should throttle if it doesn't have enough power to reach the overclock, even my measly R9 270 does that, as does any card from the last 7 years or so. So if you try again and it fails again, you're out of luck, best leave it alone if that's the case.
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