Dell xps 8500 GPU upgrade to XFX R9 380x BIOS help

Hello all. I have a Dell XPS 8500, and I just purchased a XFX R9 380 x as an upgrade. But I get no signal to my monitor when I hook the card up. I bought a new PSU it is a 850W modular, I hooked up the correct PCI power cords and everything to no avail.

Also my computer is a i-7 with 16 GB of ram with windows 10. I heard that the xps 8500 motherboards have some kind of BIOS lock for some cards? This is all new news to me! Is there a way around this? Thank you for any help!
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  1. Please don't take this as an insult, but did you connect the monitor to the gpu and not the onboard graphics?
    You can look online for bios updates to your motherboard. In most cases, this updates the compatibility of your mobo and devices plugged in.
    I can't imagine why they lock the bios. Unless it's some scummy dell business tactic to get more $ out of you.
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    I would sugest starting over. get it running the way it was. Then
    1. Create a System Restore point in Programs/Accessories/System Tools.
    2. In RemovePprograms remove the video card drivers. Shut down the system.
    3. Enter Setup (BIOS) and look for a video setting such as Integrated, or PCI video and change it. (learn how to do this first).
    4. Insatll and connect your new GPU, Then boot into Safe Mode with internet (Usually cycling the F8 key during boot) and install your GPU drivers.
    5. Reboot. If it doesn't work put it back and use System Restore to put the old drivers back.

    A possible issue with the PSU is to make sure the modular cables are connected to the correct ports on the PSU. Some times they use the same connector for the 8 pin CPU, and the 8pin GPU cables and they can be switched. This is very bad because the 12V. and ground wires are arranged much differently.

    There is a known issue with older Dell BIOS and the AMD R9285/-380 series GPU. Try to enter SETUP and if you get the message "This GPU does not support VESA mode 103" Then you can't enter your BIOS with that card installed. I'm not sure which Dells have this issue but it's common on the old LGA775 machines.
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