Port forwarding with router + access switch (have read dozens of old threads...)

I am attempting to set up port forwarding but failing - after nearly 3 hours.

The setup is:
Cheap TP-Link (
Computer (192.168.1.x)

The TP-link is set up as a static IP access point: no dhcp, no NAT, etc. Its DNS is Archer's IP. Archer only starts DHCP assignments at 1.3.

I need to forward ports to Computer, but it fails consistently. It's strange and confusing. I have read many many many threads on Tom's Hardware and elsewhere.

I have tried forwarding only from Archer... I have tried forwarding Archer to TP-Link and then TP-Link to Computer.... I have tried assigning TP-Link the DMZ of Archer, and forwarding from TP-Link. I have tried making both Archer and TP-Link forward to Computer. I have tried using different port numbers as a test.

All have failed.

Highly confused.

All help appreciated.
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  1. If you are port forwarding, I would recommend you give the PC a static IP address also. You shouldn't need to do anything with the TPLink if it is an AP.

    How are you testing the port forward? Do you have something actually listening on the PC at the port?
  2. Hm, OK, I can try that. But I thought it was always .11. I'll make sure I give it a static IP. (But I know that during the time I have been testing it, the IP certainly never changed anyway.)

    I'm testing it through a few standard online programs for the test, i.e. and so on.

    Super confusing situation.
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    Unless you have something listening when you are testing, you can get false negatives, because the test program attempts to connect to that port and gets no response.
  4. It's really not working. I tested on two different websites, and P2P traffic which is meant to be routed through there doesn't work. I'm just abandoning the attempt, really. Thank you for attempting to help a stranger.
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