GTX 670 SLI worth it?

I found a great deal online for two gtx 670. Individually they cost $100. For both, it's $180. Is it worth it to get the second card? I also have a Corsair VS650 as my power supply. I'm in a real need for an upgrade and im in a tight budget. Will the SLI GTX 670 scale in the new games coming out in 2016?
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  1. While it will be a little slower you are FAR better off with a GTX 970 as they are going really cheap right now or a used GTX 980 for around the same price. SLI isn't supported by every game, if they are only 2gb cards thats a little low on the memory side, and DX 12 favors newer GPUs. Buying into such old equipment especially for that much money is not worth it at all.
  2. a $200 RX 480 is better than 2x GTX 670
  3. I wouldn't even take free 670s at this point. But for $100 maaybe if i was in a pinch I would buy it. Even a GTX 960 is faster and only $110.
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    1. The 670 will not scale well in SLI due to the older architecture it is based on, and lack of optimization in newer titles.
    2. You can get a much better graphics card NEW for around $100 than the 670.
    3. The 670 will have poor performance in DX12, if any at all, as at the time of manufacturing DX11 was the standard, and was relatively new.
    These factors make it a poor investment to get a 670.
    What is your current budget?
    Edit: Haggle him down to 50 bucks, and it'll be worth it then. :)
  5. The 670 doesn't have DX12 support.
  6. iamacow said:
    The 670 doesn't have DX12 support.

    Untrue. It has a low feature level compared to a 7xx, 9xx, or 10xx series GPU but it does fully support DX 12.

    That said still in this case its not a good choice for new DX 12 games at all due to its lower level support, reliance on SLI, and overall performance.
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