I7-4790k extreme idle temps

I recently cleaned my PC and wen I started it up and it had been running for a few min and corsair link showed my CPUs temp as 97C and the H100i gtx pumps were running at full speed. What happened? I did not take off the cpu cooler when I cleaned it.
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  1. Pump could have just died..... Make sure all the fans on the radiator are spinning and everything sounds fine .
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    Do you have any other programs that can verify your CPU temperature? You should also check to see if you feel a vibration coming from the pump. Use your fingers to stop the fans on the radiator for a few seconds and see if you feel a vibration. If you don't feel a vibration, the pump might be dead. MAKE SURE YOU ARE GROUNDED FIRST. So you don't shock any components
  3. Use hwinfo to check your temps after checking no plugs have come loose on psi fan headers etc. then check if the pump is humming .
    Did you just remove the panels and blow it out ?
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