Windows Won't Burn on Blank Disk

The disk drive that I'm using:
Asus DVD Burner -

The Problem:
I'm trying to burn some music onto a CD (DVD+R) using the latest version of Windows Media Player. Since I'm burning the disc for use in the car I understand that I have to make it an Audio CD (Which is the default). When I insert a BLANK CD into the player and I set it to burn into an Audio CD the disk drive opens and the software asks for a blank CD!!!
The weird part about this is that I can burn a DVD with no problem using the Data CD/DVD instead of the Audio CD option.
I've tried looking online for help but I could find no solution.

Things I've Tried:

1.) Making the DVD burn slower
2.) Cleaning the DVD Burner

Help is appreciated!
Thank You
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  1. Best answer
    Have you tried using CD-r's and not dvd's?
    Also, most head units can read mp3's so you could create a data disk with just the mp3's on it rather then an audio disk. Check your HU if it can use/read dvd's.
  2. Hello,
    I agree with PapaTim. Your car CD player is going to be looking for an Audio CD with the CDFS rather than a DVD disk.
    So it needs to be burned with a CD-R.

    Might take a commercial audio CD and put it in the CD Player just to make sure it is recognizing CD's properly and plays properly. Haven't had a look at the latest Windows 10 WMP, but usually you choose from your selection or CD tunes and move them over to the burn section on the right, then use the burn button at the top of the playlist you've made to burn these choices, not from the File Explorer burn button appears when you place a blank CD or DVD in the burner.
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