HELP can't activate Windows 8.1

Hi guys, so I bought a laptop from a Canadian company a few years back. Been great, however last week it decided to uninstall and reinstall Windows itself. Now when I go to activate it over the phone Microsoft have told me that I'm using an invalid product key... I really don't know what to do as its a expensive laptop and don't wanna have it wasted! Please help someone
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    Was this a brand new laptop (as in factory sealed in original box) with windows 8 preinstalled?

    If it was then the key should be saved on the motherboard bios and push Microsoft to activate it.

    If this was not a factory sealed laptop then unfortunately you got doped. The computer company saved some $$ by using a pirated copy of windows and the only thing you can do at this point is buy a new copy of windows.
  2. Unless your manufacturer provided you with a genuine key you are in bad luck.
    Try activating again but I dont think it will be of much help.
    Contact your system manufacturer and register a complaint.
    Mean while if you dont want to buy a new license for your PC ubuntu,kubunut,mint,fedora etc etc are free...!!!
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