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Alright I've been looking into this a lot recently, I've been having some problems with my computer not like bad problems but when I play games on my stock cooler for my i5 3450 it reaches 50-61c. I've been thinking about purchasing an aftermarket cooler and a bigger computer case to keep my case cold. I own a Nvidia gtx 660ti and it isn't giving me the best performance when gaming for an example, I can max out csgo at around 170fps and I can max out Rocket League at 84fps. When I Rocket League on this computer my temps get high such as my graphics card being at 84C and my processor at 61C. Im looking to buy parts around black friday or get a new cpu cooler/case soon. If anyone could help me out by telling me if I should purchase an aftermarket cooler it would be nice and if someone could help me with a decent case that doesn't break the bank. Anyways thats about it.


Tip to know, I have my graphics card fan speed on 80% if not it will start to overheat when playing games, but when its idle its fine.
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    60 C under load is perfectly fine, you don't need any extra cooling.
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