First ever build, whats my best GPU option?

So I posted almost a year ago that I was building my first ever PC, but then life happened and here I am 10 months later finally getting around to building it. Not much has changed, I don't plan on OCing at all, and dont plan on utilizing, whats it called, 'SLI' (multiple GPUs)? Yea, nothing fancy, I game super casually, maybe 10-15 hours per week, mostly play WoW/Single player indie titles/old school emulated stuff. Also I'm on a bit of a budget, I originally said around $700 USD before peripherals. Here is what someone here came up with that seemed adequate (you'll have to excuse me I dont know how to link PCPP prices and stuff so its just a list of what im getting):

CPU- Intel i5 4460 3.2ghz
Mobo- ASRock H97 anniversary 1150LGA
RAM- 2x 4 GB Cruicial Ballistix Sport DDR3 1600
1 TB WD cav blue HDD (Plan on getting small SSD at some point to go along with this)
PSU- XFX 550w 80+ bronze cert.
+a few misc topped this off at $695 Including a GTX 950

Obviously I plan on playing @1080, High settings.

Which GPU should I go with, though? In the original post a GTX 950 was recommended to conform with my budget, but I've decided to put a tad bit more money into the GPU to get more out of the games I play (I was gonna upgrade the mobo then CPU but dang does that $$$ add up fast). I was thinking 970? for ~$275? But then after some reading apparently this year a bunch of new GPUs are being released and people say the 970 will be a thing of the past soon? Some people say an AMD RX 480 would be much better bang for my buck, and if im upgrading I might as well go straight to a 1070 if im going anywhere? SO many opinions, and i'm a total pleb at this stuff so I thought I would come ask the people of toms hardware what I should do. So, if this was your build, which GPU would you get, and why?
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  1. Oh, sorry forgot to mention, I would like to stay below $300 on the GPU, thats why I was thinking a 970, but like I said, im a complete noob at this stuff.
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    Get a 1060.
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Get a 1060.

    Well, since you're the only one that replied you Sir, are the winner. gonna order a 1060 soon-ish.
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