How Case Fans Low Noise Adapter Works?

Hello guys , i have few questions about the low noise adapter.
As the Cooler Master Jetflo fans will provide 1200rpm and 1600rpm low noise adapter , may i know how it will works ?

Im decide to connect 3 Jetflo in my build but due to my mobo do not have so much port for it so i bought a Molex to fans splitter. The molex fan splitter come in 2 pins in molex port and 2 pins in fans port. There is no 3 pin or 4 pin so it can't control the fan speed.

So, the fans will spin at full speed. But if i want to reduce the speed to 1200 rpm for lower noise, do i just need to connect the 1200rpm low noise adapter in between the Jetflo fan and the molex to fan splitter ? will the 2 pin fans splitter from molex get through the low noise adapter to reduce the fan speed ?
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  1. It just lowers voltage going to the fan so it turns slower.
  2. So it doesn't matter 2 pins or 3 pins connect it just cut down the voltage going to fans ? And since it is a transistor so it gains heat , will it affects the temperature in case as well ?
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    Third wire is for measuring RPM and you will not get that unless you plug it in the MB. That also means you don't get fine speed adjustments. Only thing that can affect case temps is fan speed, it will cool better at top speed but you may not need it. Just putting any fan helps.
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