my laptop so slow to copy\move file into external hard drive or pendrive

last week i have installed windows 10 in my laptop.
I try to copy\move some files into my external hard drive
and the copying speed is 725kb-->2mb

my computer specs
Acer E3
2gb ram ddr3
Intel celeron n2840
windows 10 pro
500gb hdd
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    Hi there lastfan,

    As there may be something wrong with any of the drives(or both of them), you really need to back up your most important data.
    After that, you can test both drives with some of these:

    Apart from that, you can go to Resource Monitor and see whether you have high disk usage.(during normal laptop operation, not during data transferring)
    Also, see if the issue persists while transferring just a single, big file.

    Let me know how this goes,
    D_Know_WD :)
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