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I switched from genie mode to standard mode in my bios settings, and now the thermal margin updates in real time. When in genie mode, (which basically means it will overclock when it finds it necessary) the thermal margin didn't change at all, but the MHz was consistently at 3825~ MHz.

With that, I saw that my computer is running slightly slower than usual, and "hiccuping" more often.

At idle, the cpu is running at 800MHz, but when it hiccups or opens up a program, or even when I alt+tab between this window and AOD (AMD OverDrive), it shoots up to it's target MHz of ~3400MHz


MOBO is MSI G70a

Edit: I'm wondering if prior overheating could have damaged the processor.
- Also, when the computer "hiccups" overdrive reveals that my cpu is at 100% usage, and the thermal margin gets below 20C
I am not worried about the temperatures though, I am most worried as to why it "stalls" / "hiccups" so much
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  1. This is normal. It downclocks to 800MHz (200MHz x4) when the full 3400MHz is not needed.

    Suggestions? Stop worrying about it.

    Can you define "it hiccups"?
  2. Basically it stutters or freezes for a bit while it gets everything back to normal so it can continue to run smoothly.
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    This could be a heat related issue, but it could also be a power delivery issue... I need a little more information before I can decide which it is.

    What model motherboard and power supply do you have?

    Please download AIDA64 Extreme and install it. Once open, drop down the Tools menu across the top, click System Stability Test, check everything except for Local Disk and run the test for ten minutes. Please take a screenshot of the Statistics tab every thirty seconds and save it immediately. This way, if it does crash, we'll know what it was doing right before it crashed.

    Please note: you may have to make the System Stability Test window taller to fit all the stats on screen at once for a screenshot.
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