5 Case Fans - Only 2 Fan Slots on Motherboard


I want to use all the fans and want them to be controlled by the motherboard (fan speed). Can 3 pin fans be able to do this? And should I get a fan splitter or a fan controller?

Case: Zalman Z11 Neo (5 fans: 3x3pin and 2x4pin)
Motherboard: Z170-P (2x4pin slots)

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    You can make do with a fan hub like this one or this and have it connected to your CPU_FAN header to control all your fans with the increase or decrease of CPU temps. I would get the Swiftech I linked simply because you get to control the CPU fan as well as 7 other fans. It'll come in handy when you pick up a beefy dual fan cooler like a Cryorig R1 ultimate(hopefully) and you will yet have one fan port(on the hub) to spare.
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