Reinstalling OS with Mirrored Dynamic -Data- Drives

I have a WHS2011 server with the OS on a 500GB drive, and the data on two 4TB drives in a mirrored dynamic pair. To be clear, the OS is not on a dynamic drive, but the data is.

I want to install Server 2012R2 instead, because my work is leading me deeper into server configurations, and I can play with it at home.

Can I reinstall the OS without losing data on the mirrored pair? Is there a procedure to make sure I don't break the mirrror? (It's seven years' bad luck...) I do have backups of both the OS drive and the data, so there is some insurance, but I'd rather not have to do a recovery.
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  1. Having a backup, I just went and did it. I installed via reboot with the DVD, and there were no issues whatsoever. The drives came up as a Dynamic Mirror, and didn't have to be imported.

    So, in case you're interested, I did not run into a problem with this upgrade.
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