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hiya i've bought a Asus Maximus VI Gene ROG Intel Socket 1150 motherboard last night and i just had a look on pcpartpicker and its saying that ..Some Intel Z87 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Haswell Refresh CPUs.ive got a i7 4790k cpu ..can i just put my cpu in or will i have problems ?? i am totally new to all this so any info would be great thanks
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  1. If new should prob already have the newer BIOS on it so should be fine ;)
  2. yes its new in the box .. i had no clue that i may need to update the bios. would you recommend downloading the latest bios onto a usb stick ?
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    Go ahead and make sure it boots, then can check the version it has (which may well be out of date) and then can update. It might have the latest already, if a version or two behind, then can decide if you want to update
  4. thanks for the help i will try it when it turns up ...thanks
  5. No worries ;)
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