I need help deciding what component to upgrade in my system for the best performance and value.

Hey guys I need help. This is my current setup.
MSI Gaming Z97-G45
Mobo i5-4690K cpu non overclocked
EVGA gtx 960 FTW non overclocked
1 terabyte ssd for video editing, games, and OS
9tb of hdd's for the rest of the stuff

I do video editing, video recording, gaming and more. I need to know what to upgrade and what to upgrade too. My limit is in the 300's. Thx! More about : deciding component upgrade system performance
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  1. what version and stuff?
  2. olgkd123 said:
    what version and stuff?

    They all perform almost the same. Pick your favorite brand/design/price.
  3. ok is the evga 1060 ftw good? or should i go with the ftw+?
  4. Best answer
    The difference between those are only 23 mhz (few fps at best). I'd go with cheaper one and overclock it if needed.
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC GAMING - would be my choice, if you favor EVGA.
  5. ok thx man
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