Could someone recommend me a good graphics card for a Fx 4350 black edition?

I need a graphics card for my first gaming pc build and i need to keep it cheap. However I cannot decide what graphics card to partner with my fx 4350 without a bottleneck although i wouldn't mind a small one.
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    You can buy cheap video cards that are fine for 2D internet but won't be powerful enough for games.

    An entry level AMD gaming card is a 128-bit model.
    Radeon R7 360
    System Requirements: 500W Power Supply (Suggestion)

    A better model is a 256-bit one.
    Radeon R7 370
    System Requirements: 500W Power Supply (Suggestion)
    2 x 6-pin AUX Power Connector
  2. An r7 370 should be good eith it, you can play games medium to high with it.
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