PC shuts off if both memory slots used, not if only 1(either) is used, or the pc is started in safe mode, pleas help me!

Hey Guys,

I have a MSI AE2220 t6600 All in one Pc with 4 Gb of ram. As the title says, it shuts off if both slots are used if either ram module is in either slot alone it boots just fine. Bios ist reseted and good, Windows is newly installed (problem was before too). If I start the computer in safe mode with both slots it starts just fine. Memtest+ is also fine, different Ram modules that work for sure also make no difference, same problem. What else could it be?! What could I try, I do have a second AE2220, but I really wanna keep things like switching mobos etc. as a last resort since its a pain in the ass build.. -.- Also temps are fine, what else can I stresstest or try?! Please help!!
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More about shuts memory slots started safe mode pleas
  1. Oh and I forgot to mension it boots up till the melody sound of windows 7(32-bit) and breaks down during that, but it also did it twice during the windows installation, where there was no sounds. Oh and I also tried a different PSU also no difference..... -.-
  2. Is each Memory DIMM identical or did you have memory in there and then purchase a new one?
  3. No its the standard one, there was no change in nothing they were just not used for half a year. But they,re clean and therese no dust, I also switched the paste on the cpu for a fresh one. One Odd thing is that a simple press of the power button turns it off immediately, the other working Pc, need to be hold down for like 2-3 seconds till its cut off. The Ram are fine for sure, I also tried them in the other computer, and they work just fine... :/
  4. sounds like an issue with the motherboard. maybe the ram is not compatible with it. i would check to see if there are any BIOS updates for it
  5. The wierd thing about it is, that it works in Bios with both Slots used for as long as u want, Also Hirens Boot cd and Dos Programs. Also when I boot in safe mode everything works fine it also reads the 4gb and everything. So what does the safemode do differently than the regular boot in terms of booting or Ram?!
  6. Thanks CaptainCharisma, Ill try that now, but it worked before, I also have 3 Others that work just fine, same day bought same amount of days used (exhibitions and the kind) same hardware, same versions same everything... this one will just not boot into windows and it will only die while trying, unless its safe mode..
  7. Ok lets go back to the start then. If both modules are inserted you said it shuts off. But what does that mean, is it that you turn it on and it doesn't POST? Or it tries to load windows and shuts down instead?
  8. Hey sorry Rogue, Ill try to be more precise, I've been just sitting on that stupid thing for 7 hours or so now -.-

    Ok so when I boot it up it'll boot regularly until the first Windowsscreen (the blue one after just the logo) and then it'll just shut off immediately like somebody pulled the plug, with a bit of static noise from the speakers.
    At the beginning I didnt know that it was the RAM so I did the normal Trial and Error Elimination process. Thats why I also formated the Hdd and reinstalled Windows. The first 2 Installs it would do the same very shortly before finishing the whole installation process, leaving the windows broken because it was abrupted during a critical part, saying "Please start the install anew". After the third time I got far enough to finish the install, because it crashed after the Username etc. Part. So after trying some more Hardware relating things, like CMOS Batteryswitch, and reset and components on off, I finally realized it was the Ram. It would work with only one stick, so I did the Stick/slot/different Ram routine. LAso I ran memtest86+ and windows Ramtests and a couple others on my Hirens Cd. No errors no nothing. After one of the failed bootattempts I went with safe mode just for the sake of it and realized I could boot in the safemode. I also checked the Hardware/Max-Ram settings in msconfig and tried most of the variations. (Right now Im trying to allow only 2048Ram while have 4gb built in)
  9. The fact that it shuts off immediately when pushing the powerbutton instead of having to push it for 2-3 seconds not only takes me the satisfaction away of strangling it but also tells me that it has to do something with the electricity circuit doesnt it? Why would it react that quick?!
  10. Ok so booting with either ram module in either slot it works fine, but if you install both it bombs out right? And you also tried ram from the other system with the same results?
  11. Yes, Exactly.
  12. Unless I boot in safe mode, then it also boots with 4gigs.
  13. I agree with you that its strange that it shuts off immediately. I almost feel like its a defective motherboard issue. That board has an integrated GPU which means its addressing some of that ram direct to the GPU. Being that it works in safe mode its bypassing the GPU drivers. I almost think its some sort of issue with the iGPU and how its working through the system bus with the memory. Nothing you can do about that aside from swap the motherboard.
  14. Hm so I can still try to update the gpu drivers? I just wanna exhaust all simple possibilities before I give up. So in safe mode it runs on CPU graphics? And you mena the memorybus problem only appears when 4gigs are installed/utilizied? Is there any in which I could test that theory?! Thanks! It means a lot not to be alone with this and uncle google wasnt a big help either.
  15. No wait i think already did the drivers, argh so many hours... :D
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    Nothing to do with the drivers themselves, it has to do with the actual hardware.
  17. Oh boy too bad :/ Well, guess nothing I can do. Guess Ill have to sell it for scrap then -.-
  18. Thanks alot for the help!
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