New PC will restart when I stress test, play games or watch movies.

I built a new pc for the first time and I installed Windows 8.1 N Home Edition. After trying to install some drivers, the PC crashes with a blue screen with the error message Thread Stuck In Device Driver. This Error would constantly come up after some usage while websurfing (if i tried to do too many things at once), gaming, movie watching. I uninstalled my drivers and did a clean install hoping it would fix the problem. Unfortunately, it did not. I decided to upgrade to windows 10 hoping that would solve the problem, The computer would continue to restart or crash except there were no longer a blue screen of death coming up. I did a clean install of windows 10 after the upgrade too hoping that would fix things up. It did nothing either. The computer would continue to just black out on the monitor and freeze up on a black screen. I thought perhaps it could be the GPU problem so I RMA it and after putting in the new one back into the PC, the problem stlil continued..

Now, If I do super casual web surfing like going on forums or facebook it won't crash or restart but If I try to overload it by doing several tasks at once, gaming, or skipping through a movie, it'll crash.

The parts that I used in the build are here:
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    Stress test the ram; Gskill doesnt show any compatible ram for the H110 ddr4 chipset.
  2. I ran memtest86+ and I left it on overnight for 9 hours and 0 error were found with 5 passes. Should i get a new ram?
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