GTX 760 SLI ACX with another GTX 760 SC ACX all 2gb?

I have GTX 760 ACX 2gb and I'm thinking to get another one to do 2way-sli and I found a cheap one but it's slightly different GTX 760 SC ACX 2gb, so does it work one normal and the other superclock ?

And I have AX760 Corsair PSU is it enough ?

Thanks for reading.
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    Both will run at the slower clock, but it's possible. Not worth it considering any $200 card is faster nowadays, but possible.

    the PSU shouldn't be an issue unless you have the FX9590 overclocked
  2. SLI-ing different clock speed 760s should be fine. I do have 2 GTX 970s (1 MSI and 1 Palit) with different clock speeds and running SLI with them. They will run at their respective clock speeds but of course you can always tweak.

    760W should be fine unless your CPU is super high end.
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