Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 vs AMD A6-6400K

Which one is better?
I'm getting the Q6600 delivered to me in a week or two and already have the 6400K.
Basically, which one is better for gaming. Mostly Minecraft.
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  1. Depends. The Q6600 was released in 2007, while the A6 was released in 2013. Despite being 6 years newer, the Q6600 and A6 have similar performance per clock, because AMD's core designs are so far behind Intel's. The Q6600 has 4 lower clocked cores to the A6's 2 higher clocked cores. The Q6600 can probably get relatively close (3.2-3.6ghz) to the A6's clockspeeds with a good overclocking motherboard, but those are becoming relatively rare. The A6 will draw a fraction of the power the Q6600 needs, so it will be a much cooler and quieter chip.

    My opinion: At stock speeds, I'd probably stick with the A6. If you can overclock the Q6600, I'd give that chip the nod for raw performance, but it will be a hot and power hungry system.

    What motherboard do you have for the Q6600?
  2. A Dell XPS 410 LGA 775 board
  3. That motherboard seems to support only DDR2 RAM and SATA I connection, you'd loose performance with that in spite of the good processor. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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    i have an xps 420 with the q6600 and it's paired with an r9-270 and 4 gb ram. it games rather well at 1080p with some of the eye candy turned off. kids play a lot of shooters on it and are not complaining.

    i'd suspect minecraft will be very easy for the q6600 to handle with a decent gpu added in. concidering minecraft runs fine on an a8/10 apu, any decent budget gpu should be good enough. i went with the 270 since at the time it was the strongest gpu i could put in and run off the stock 375w psu. now i'd go higher with a 960 that only needed a 6 pin connection.
  5. The problem with the Q6600 is its stock speed of 2.4ghz. It's a great overclocking CPU, but low default clockspeed makes it a bit weak for modern workloads. I'm going to say the A6 is the better chip overall.
  6. not gonna oc that cpu on the dell mobo. i did the old tape method to get mine to 3.0 ghz. was simple and took about 10 mins.

    either way, you'll be fine with minecraft on either cpu. it's not exactly a high demanding game.
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