How to set a intigrated graphics card to Dedicated? AMD catalyst control center gone

Doesn't anyone know how i can use my r9 380? It isn't letting me use it or even reading it.

I can't seem to change it since the updated Drivers for AMD got rid of catalyst control center.
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  1. I believe through the BIOS you can disable the onboard graphics. Also make sure the monitor is plugged into your gpu and not the motherboard.
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    @ Daniel_303: The "Integrated Graphics Processor Unit", (IGPU), is a graphics processor that is included in the CPU installed. Not all CPU's have an additional IGPU and even when the CPU does have one, the motherboard must be capable of applying that option.

    Your Topic line indicates that you may not understand the difference between an IGPU and an External Graphics processor unit/card, (GPU). I don't know what you really mean by "Dedicated", "Dedicated" what? I personally never heard anyone refer to either a IGPU or a GPU as a "Dedicated" item or component.

    Therefore, I have to guess that when you said "Integrated Graphics Card”, you were actually referring to your "GPU" and when you said "Dedicated", you actually meant your IGPU. As I said, I'm guessing and only you would be able to straighten that out.

    It’s possible that you actually meant “Independent” Graphics Card and now that I think of it, you may think that “IGPU” means “Independent Graphics Processor Unit”, but it does not.

    Now that you see what an IGPU is and the difference between that and a GPU, perhaps you can see the reason for the confusion from anyone who reads your Topic line. I can only hope you got some understanding of the processors now.

    That said, there could be many reasons for the issues you're describing. I'm not certain, (it's been a little while since I checked the latest AMD cards), but I think the R9 380 is a "GPU", or "independent GPU", (if you prefer).

    It’s possible that you’re R9-380 is integrated with your present CPU in which case it would then be a “IGPU”. In either case, you need to make sure you have the Graphics setting in your mobo’s UEFI, (BIOS), set to the manufacturer’s reference indicating the system should run in the “PCIE” State, (for GPU’s), or the On-Board state, (for IGPU’s).

    Different mobo manufacturers use slightly different reference terms for that stetting but usually they always use the “PCIE”, (or PCI), when referring to the external/Independent GPU setting. Ergo, if you have an IGPU, simply choose the alternative setting.

    I hope that helped a little, (I know this is an old post but it’s for the benefit of others who have the same misunderstandings and issues.
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