Should i still expect very good performance while playing on my old gaming rig?

Hello guys

Here is my spec:

I'm wondering about my PC performance becouse in a lot of games like Project Cars, The Crew, GTA V, Witcher 3 i have problems with playing smoothly. I can't reach 60FPS on decent settings or even if i have it for example in GTA V there is a problem with loading textures.

Isn't this platform good enough for new games in medium settings with 60FPS ?
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  1. Those games aren't going to hit 60fps on there on medium settings. Mainly because most don't use Crossfire which is what you've used to get to that score, also AMD stopped with optimized driver support for anything under the HD 7xxx series with the Beta of crimson a while ago. Your CPU may be slowing some of them down as well.

    With a better GPU setup you should still get somewhat better performance.
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    A graphics card would do you a world of good. Your CPU isn't horrible, given the reported clock speed, but definitely is showing its age, by now. A GTX 1060, or RX 480, should show substantial improvement, over what you have now. Unless you plan on upgrading your CPU, to a current gen model, I am not sure I would go any further, graphics card wise.
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