when i click on delete volume one. popup window appear and says this device is write protected? what can i do now?

.Plug in your pen drive
2.Type diskmgmt.msc in Run box to open Disk Management.
3.Select your drive’s partition.
4.Right click on it and select the option of “Delete Volume” in it.
i did all this step then i got one pop up window it says "the media is write protected" and i can't delete volume?
what should i do?
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    Hey there, amitpattewar1.

    Unfortunately in most cases when this happens it's a way of saying that the flash drive might have failed. However, there as some thing you could try in order to see if any of them can fix it for you. Take a look at the suggestions from this article: You could also try the flash drive with a different computer and try reformatting it with its manufacturer's formatting tool.

    Hope that helps.
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