Installed new ram now getting blue screen error

Hi I just upgraded my pc from 8 gb to 16 gb of ram and now I'm getting the blue screen of death with a new error message everytime it restarts. Sometimes I get "bad pool error" sometimes "irql not less or equal" sometimes "statement thread exception not handled". Is my ram not compatible or is it DOA?
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  1. It could be both, did you just add and extra stick or did you replace the old memory and install a brand new set.
  2. replaced the old with a new set
  3. may want to upgrade your MB bios it could be a compatibility issue.
  4. So I put back my old ram now my computer wont even get past post...I think I might haveven to build a new computer.
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    well what you should do then is disconnect every thing that is not needed for your PC to post, so disconnect the hard drive, external video card, DVD drive , ect so just memory (1 stick) cpu, power, on board vga and see if it post. Then add the 2nd stick and see if post if so then start reconnecting the parts you disconnected.
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