Boot loop, no post, into BIOS recovery

Hi folks,

have done some lurking to see if i can solve the problem, but it isnt complete solved.


MOBO: z87x-ud3h
processor: I5-4670k
OS: windows 10

Problem: After no issues and perfect operation I shut down the computer. next day, the computer boots into a no-post boot loop. I was able to finally break the loop after switching the mobo to the second BIOS and clearing CMOS. After a few unseccseful boots, it goes into the dual bios and says main bios is corrupted, the system will be recovered, etc. I did get a DB code on the MOBO which i believe to mean corrupted bios.

It goes through to 100% and then restarts into another no post boot loop. After clearing the CMOS again and a few more bootloops, it boots into a screen that says BIOS has been reset, so i click the load with optimized defaults and boot afterwhich it successfully loads into windows 10.

The computer works with no issues but after two days, it shuts itself down while in sleep mode. The same issue happens again and am able to get it back into the OS after a few several more no-post, bootloops, and repeating the procedure above. It seems to take about 4-5 boot loops until the i can see something happening. First, its the recover main bios, then its the load optimized defaults and boot.

Im certain, that if i reboot it again now, despite having gotten into the OS, the same cycle will happen.

Currently, im in the OS with the MOBO switched to BIOS 1.

Edit1: forgot to mention that it once went into a scan disk and scan the C. was going slowly (its a SSD), and got to about 45% when the computer restarted into another boot loop.
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  1. If you can get into BIOS setup, try flashing the BIOS from something other than the onboard backup BIOS. There should be a way to download a BIOS to a USB drive and install through BIOS setup.
  2. Did this with Gigabyte's @bios. Previous bios version was F7, upgraded to F9 successfully.

    ... but since i rebooted to complete the install, it went into a no-post reboot cycle. These reboots appear to last longer before it cycles though. However, i se no codes on the MOBO.
  3. Upgrading the BIOS from F7 to F9 appears to be a step backwards as i cannot get the computer to even post now.
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    Now that you have changed the BIOS, you should clear CMOS before expecting a successful boot.

    If your motherboard has a clear CMOS jumper, then I would use that. If not, remove the CMOS battery.
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