Windows 10 Can't Find Hard Drive

I recently bought and installed Windows 10 Pro on top of a Linux Mint installation. I made a backup of my documents, pictures, etc (pretty much all of /home) onto a secondary hard drive so that I could keep all of my stuff. I then proceeded to install Windows 10 on top of Linux and it worked flawlessly, but I can't see the secondary drive.
I've looked in Disk Managment, I've used these two programs: and
Neither of them can find the hard drive so I changed out the SATA cable and switched to a different SATA power cable and still nothing.
Anyone have any ideas?
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    Hey there, @DialUpInternet!

    I'd strongly recommend you find another computer and plug that secondary HDD there to see if it will get recognized there, since swapping the SATA cable and the port on your motherboard didn't work. If it's undetected by both systems, you are most probably dealing with a failed drive. In these cases, the best thing to do is to check the warranty on the HDD and RMA it through the manufacturer's/reseller's customer support.
    Do you hear the HDD spin up when you power up the system? Can you post a screenshot from Disk Management as well?

    Hope this helps. Keep me posted with the troubleshooting.
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