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I have two monitors, a 21:9 2650x1080 on the left, and a 1920x1080p on the right, and I'm trying to get good wallpapers that can work on both, so for example, make the image carry on both monitors, instead of having 2 of the same wallpaper. are there any sites or links that can work? Thanks
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  1. the only way to make your wallpaper go across both monitors is to set them as on screen and not two.

    There is a program called ultramon that will allow you to set different wallpapers per screen or across all of them. But default windows will not allow multiple wallpapers (unless windows 10 has changed it)
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    Windows 10 by default can only be set to have 1 image to span all screens. Windows 7 was like that as well. 8-10 have the option for individual images or a single spanned. When setting wallpaper, all you have to do is right click and it shows set to all monitors or set to monitor 1, 2, etc. This hasn't changed any since release for 10. 8 has a different control panel to do it. 7 could never do individual without a 3rd party like ultramon.
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