Is it worth upgrading from AMD Phenom II X4 965 to Intel Core i5 6500?

Hello, I was about to upgrade my PC from this:

AMD Phenom II X4 965
16GB (4x4GB) G.Skill F3-10666CL9 DDR3

to this:

Intel Core i5 6500 4x 3.20GHz
Asus H170 PRO GAMING Intel H170
16GB (2x 8GB) Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2133 DIMM CL13-15-15-28 Dual Kit

But now I´m wondering if its worth it at all. Would I gain a noticable performance boost in gaming?
I´m running an ASUS R9 280 and I´m not overclocking.

I compared the CPUs here:

But it looks like the Intel i5 6500 is not that much better. Or are the slightly better results more significant than I´m thinking?

I already ordered the new system today without checking this first (doh!) because I assumed my old CPU must be outdated meanwhile. Now I got a little confused when I actually tried to compare the stats.

I would be very thankful if you could help me out here and tell me if its worth it or not so that I can cancel the order in time in case I messed up here.
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    I was running the Phenom II X4 955, OC'd to a 965
    and recently upgraded ti skylake

    yes it's worth it.

    for example, when playing a game I wouldn't get more than 50-70fps bcs of CPU limitation I now get around 200fps
    the time everything takes to unzip a large file is pretty much a third (went for the i7 bcs I got in on a good deal, but still the i5 beats the crap out of the Phenom II)
  2. That is not a good comparison site. The i5-6500 is significantly faster than the Phenom II X4 965.

    I switched from the same CPU to a i7-4790k and it turns out that CPU is a severe bottleneck on the R9 280 (just so happens that I had the same card!). Now at least you can get an even better graphics card without that ancient CPU holding you back. You may want to look into a GTX 1060 or an RX 480 (I recommend the 480), a GTX 1070 would be my preferred choice though.

    The R9 280 is a known good overclocker. I was able to get mine very close to GTX 970 levels but eventually just got a 970 to save on power cost.
  3. Ooooh thank goodness. I missed to check some benchmark comparisons! Ok, that looks much better now. I´m relieved. I can´t believe I didn´t figure this out on my own. Well, thanks guys. Confusion over. ;)
  4. Nope because Kaby Lake. Look for a Kaby Lake i5-7500 in next few months and a 270 motherboard. They should support higher end RAM also and have more M.2/U.2 support.
  5. Thanks Gamerboy! That was a good comparison to see!
  6. Yeah. Unless you want to wait for Zen (Kaby Lake is marginal.)

    The i5-6500 is about twice as fast as the Phenom II line.
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