can the Intel i3 6320 handle Games like Gta V and Witcher 3 without a dedicated graphics card?

can the Intel i3 6320 handle Games like Gta V and Witcher 3 alone I mean Without dedicated graphics card? or Amd A10 7890k Is better off handling The games Without dedicated graphics card? I'm asking without a dedicated graphics card for now I'll buy one later buy for now tell me suggestion for the two processors without a dedicated card.
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  1. No integrated GPU, either AMD or Intel, can deal with demands that said games GTA5 and Witcher3 ask for.
    Out of the two, the Intel version packs more oomph (in the computing side, AMD is still bit better on GPU side) so in long run, it would be better base to start on. I would suggest going for I5 if budget allows though.
    But for gaming? no, it wont cut the butter.
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    You can get mediocre integrated GPU's in AMD CPU's, but they will only run games that don't require too much GPU power or older games with OK graphics on mid-low settings on 1080p. Intel CPU's are a lot more powerful for the job that they are intended for, and I would highly suggest purchasing an Intel CPU, and a dedicated graphics card to run games like Witcher 3, GTA V, as well as the most curernt triple-A titles, as well as soon to come games.
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