4TB External Hard Drive Shows Only 465GB Available

Hi Everyone:

I am about to implode or throw my head through a plate glass window over my issue.

I just got a brand new WD 4TB External "My Passport Ultra" hard drive (model #0740 USB Device) - and it only shows that there is 465GB available. Ahhh! Calling WD support has been awful as it is a person in another country reading from a script.

I have reformatted the external drive many times - NTFS / GPT - no dice.

Why is my computer not able to detect the full capacity of this external hard drive? How do I fix it? Help! I am at the end of my rope!
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  1. Have you tried running the WD diagnostics to see what it indicates for the status of the HDD?

    From where did you get the HDD and has it ever read properly?
  2. Hi:

    I did run the WD Diagnostics... It says:

    WD My Pasaaport 0740 (USB)
    Capacity = 500GB
    SMART Status = Pass

    I got the external hard drive from Western Digital on Amazon:
  3. Here are the test results from the Quick Test using Western Digital's Data LifeGuard Diagnostics:

    Test Option: QUICK TEST
    Model Number: WD My Passport 0740
    Unit Serial Number: WX71E91HYUY6
    Firmware Number: 1003
    Capacity: 500.07 GB
    SMART Status: PASS
    Test Result: PASS
    Test Time: 16:18:32, September 18, 2016
  4. Best answer
    It seems that you actually received a 500GB HDD instead. You should exchange the HDD immediately. Good luck.
  5. Welcome to the TH Community, @RealBriGuy!

    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with our Customer Support. However, you should also consider getting in touch with the reseller's customer support as they are the ones who sent you a 500 GB external drive, instead of a 4 TB one. Follow @COLGeek's advice and exchange that WD My Passport ASAP.

    Best of luck!
  6. Hi Everyone:

    Thank you so much for all of your input!

    I have contacted Amazon and they are sending me a replacement. I should get it on Wednesday. Will let you know if it correct!

  7. Hi Everyone:

    Just wanted to report that all is good now. The replacement WD 4TB hard drive that I got from Amazon shows that it is now a working 4TB hard drive. This just goes to show you that WD can put the wrong size HD (500GB) in a sealed box labeled as 4TB. Thankfully Amazon was quick to send me a replacement!

  8. Sounds like a good outcome. Have fun!
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