Laptop restarts after opening the lid instead of logging in from sleep mode


I have an Asus X751LN laptop for over a year now and I've never had any issues with it until now.
the laptop always goes into sleep mode after I close the lid or leave it on for a long time while i'm gone. As soon as I open the lid it would turn back on and continue where I left (like with most PC's).

Now two days ago it stopped doing that. Whenever I closed the lid or left it on for to long so it would go in sleep mode, something changed which is really annoying to work with.

As soon as I open the lid (or press the startup button to get it out of sleep mode) it completely restarts instead of continues where I left. I've already checked the lid-options and everything is set to sleepmode like usual. Does anybody know what the problem might be? I didn't do anything different or strange before this problem started. It's also not a virus because i've already scanned my PC and it's virus-free.

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