Windows 7 won't boot after new gpu and psu

Today i bought a new psu and gpu gtx 750 ti palit stormx dual and after putting them in the case and starting the system and passing the bios i get "windows error recovery a recent hardware or software change might be the cause" and 2 options "start windows normal" and at welcome screen logo it getting stuck and another with repair and i tried to boot another windows from usb and i get this error "A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del".HDD is kinda new because i got him 2 weeks ago.And i forgot to delete the old drivers from onboard gpu but i don't know if this is the problem or the hdd because is kinda new and i got these problems after installing the gpu and psu.
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    GPU drivers most likely. If you can get to run in safe mode, you could use DDU to uninstall and cleanup after old drivers it works only from safe mode anyway. After you go to normal mode it should use elementary MS drivers which you can upgrade with proper ones.
    If MB has IGPU, you could but with it only and clean old and install new drivers.
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