Extremely low Samsung 840 EVO IOPS random read/write

Hi there,

My laptop suddenly became very laggy. I discovered my random read/write times dropped dramatically:

120GB ssd (90GB free out of 111GB)
21054 / 17564 vs previously 78490 / 48791

500GB ssd (140GB free out of 465GB)
22411 / 21703 vs previously 81437/ 82098

I reïnstalled Windows 10 with a fresh copy from the Microsoft Media Creation Tool, but to no avail.

How could both drives suddenly be failing like this?

Thanks, greets
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  1. Win 10 provides the capacity to uninstall updates. Review this and see if the problematic updates can be uninstalled this way or by system restore.
  2. The updates cannot be uninstalled. System restore is turned off, so the only option would be a full reset.

    Thanks for your reply.
  3. So I've reïnstalled Windows 10, but unfortunatily it didn't help.

    Anyone got a clue?

    Thanks for reading.
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    Could this be a driver problem? Consult the website of the manufacturer of your SSD.
  5. Drivers are up to date. (tried both Intel RST & Samsung Magician).

    Memtest (1 pass) and Intel's Processor Diagnostic Tool report 0 errors. Temperatures for 500GB ssd and cpu are normal.

    HD Tune is reporting 59 degrees Celsius for the 120GB mSata, calling this a critical temperature...
  6. Rumbletum said:
    Could this be a driver problem? Consult the website of the manufacturer of your SSD.

    I have reïnstalled the Intel Chipset drivers provided by my laptop's manufacturer. Everything works again like it should.

    In device manager, I discovered the IDE/ATA ATAPI controller was a default Windows 10 driver. After installing the chipset drivers it changed to Intel (R) 8 series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller.

    Still no clue why the driver changed on its own though, but I'm glad it's sorted now, thanks!
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