is a 500w power supply enough to overclock my gpu

i have 500w sentey brp power supply
i have a asrock 960gm-vgs3 fx motheboard, an xfx r7 370 2gb and a fx 8320e
I want to overclock my gpu and im wondering if my power supply is enough
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  1. I wouldn't. Honestly, I wouldn't even power a GPU from it, let alone OC a GPU on it.

    Sentey are not the most reliable of brands (generally), they have the occasional one that's decent-ish, but still not great.

    Do you have a budget for a new PSU? Or would you just continue 'as is'?
  2. the requirement is just enuf for the r7 card, but the psu itself is not of the best quality...
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    Yes, your psu is enough. On paper. Not in reality. Most all sentey are lower grade units that would be miracles if they actually lived up to their claims.
    While not a perfect representation, if you look at the load limits vrs claims, you'll get the idea.
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