CPU dips while playing First Person Shooter

Hi there everyone!

So i have been annoyed by an issue recently which is sudden lag spikes (that last from 0.1 second to maximally 1 second) Ive also seen that my cores arent greyed out (not parked i guess)

(There are 3 dips ingame that are also able to be seen on this pic above)

But the weird thing is, i get 100+ fps straight but when a bit of action comes around (aka: me being supposed to shoot an enemy) it spikes to 0fps for the time mentioned above (theres no set time it always differs a bit) Ive attached a screenshot of the CPU's in resource monitor so you guys maybe are able to recognize this issue.


CPU : Amd Phenom X6 II Black Edition 1100T
GPU : Sapphire R9 280X 3gb
RAM : 8gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Dual Channel (DRAM Freq: 534.4MHZ) Unganged

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  1. What game? Slow ram mixed with what is now a pretty weak CPU with a strongish gpu....

    Although CPU drops are odd. Could be power. What is CPU and mobo?
  2. Game is Ballistic Overkill, pretty simple shooter but as i said i usually get 140fps+ straight.
  3. Best answer
    Cap it to 60fps (or whatever monitor refresh rate is)

    I'm.also thinking that ram is hurting. 1066mhz is woefully slow and will hurt under intensive CPU load
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