Is this PC good for new upcoming games?

I'm new to this and I'm thinking on buying a new pc but I don't know if it's good enough to run new games. My current laptop can run team fortress 2 at max quality at 1600x900 around 50fps but sometimes it just drops to 10-20 fps and I can't run any of the new games that I really want to play.
Anyway I want to ask if this setup:
Is good enough to play new games.
And also I would like if some of you could give me any tips or even changing some parts on this setup.

I will keep this thread open for a week so if someone comes along and has some better ideas they can leave them in the comments.
Right now it looks like this:

Again thank you in advance!
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  1. Yes just drop one of the 1070s and it's will be great. You do NOT need two 1070s for that monitor.
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    You should see really high fps in new AAA games even @ULTRA settings.
    Since you got a 144Hz monitor you will be able to fully enjoy it.
    My sugestion: AOC G2460PG (SUPPORTS G-SYNC) instead of AOC G2460PF (SUPPORTS FREESYNC).
    you need G-SYNC.
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