Which intel generation should I get?

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That computer I had broke, I guess we could say. It was probably the fact that the ram and motherboard were 5 years old. Now I'm building one from scratch, pratically. But one thing I've been wondering. Where I live there is a certain difference in price of components, not like, 20 dollars, and the processor always requires a lot of attention, of course. The best use of the money is to buy an i5 6400, but for that I also need ram ddr4 and Motherboard lga 1151 ddr4. I can deal with the price as long I buy the i5 6400. However, I noticed that the 4th generation is still pretty strong. And have been wondering if it's worth to buy an i5 4460 and in three years or so upgrade to the 4790k. I don't know if the i7 4th generation will still be on the market and everything. Because if I go with Skylake, in three or four years I will have only to upgrade the cpu to the i7 6700k and not have to change everyhing. Although, if the 4th generation is still good by then, I won't have to change the hole setup in the first upgrade. I know I make a big confusion hahaha sorry. But I think you get it. Which is worth more?
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  1. No reason to buy previous gen stuff.
  2. Go with the newer tech , the upgrade path will be easier.
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Go with the newer tech , the upgrade path will be easier.

    Yeah. I was thinking that, since with the ddr4, will take a while to change the entire setup.
    And dude... I remember you're the all time 1st. Damn hahaha congrats
    You still think that the i5 6400 is still more worth it then any 4th gen? And I don't need to go crazy trying to buy the 6500 or 6600?
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    For many games, the faster core speed of the i3-6100 will outperform a I5-6600.
    Here is a review:

    Only if you are buying used might older tech be worthwhile.
    DDR4 ram costs exactly the same as ddr3 today.
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