Pc case wont fit back in with the cd/dvd drive after pulling it off for cleaning

Pc case front wont fit with the dvd/cd disk after I took it off to dust off the filter it has. Pc case corsair carbride spec 01. Don't know the exact name of the disk sorry. Thank in advance
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    Not much that we can tell you from that. The only thing that I can think of is that, in my case, the external drives have to be installed after the front panel is in place; you may have to remove the drive, put the panel back, and re-install the drive. I suggest that you get help from a friend with more PC building experience, as if this is unfamiliar to you the above may make things even worse.
  2. I have the Spec 01, love it for what it is, but otherwise..... You can replace the front with the DVD drive in place, but I have found it MUCH easier to remove it first, then put the front back on.
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