What order should I upgrade my computer parts?

I'm not adept in computers but I want to upgrade my computer a bit, so I'd like opinions of upgrading my system and if my upgraded parts are logical or not.

heres a userbenchmark comparison with the left as the upgrades (with a GPU change, an added SSD, a RAM change, and a mobo change) and the right as my current pc.

My current case is similar to this case of this walmart prebuilt pc:

I'd like to upgrade to a NZXT S340 case

I'd also like to upgrade from a 500W PSU to a EVGA G1 650W

Please tell me if I'm missing any necessary info.

EDIT: By the way, I'm asking for an order as I'm not going to upgrade it all at once and do it
gradually, but I can upgrade multiple parts at once if it requires to.

EDIT: I'd like to keep the FX-8320
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    I would go for cpu mobo and ram first, go with intel, or you could wait for zen to come out
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