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Hi guys, I bought a new HP Probook a couple of days ago. It can with pre-installed Windows 7 Professional and as I am a big Windows 10 fan, I decided to use the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant tool and upgrade the laptop.
The assistant got stuck at 99% for more than five hours so I restarted the laptop and once it booted up after the login screen, everything was just black and the cursor was just sitting there.
No icons, no wallpaper, no task bar nothing.. So I ended the explorer.exe process from task manager and I restarted the same process.
It fixed everything - the icons, the wallpaper and the task bar reappeared. I shut down the laptop to check if everything will be fine but the black screen reappeared and I had to go through the same thing again.
I had to terminate the explorer process, then restart it and everything would reappear again.
How do i fix this?

Thanks a lot in advance :)
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    Try using the latest Update Assistant directly from MS to re-initiate the Win 10 installation process.
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