GTX 1060 Cannot Update Drivers (if updated, it blacks screens)

So, I originally had a GT 740 in my computer to do some light gaming and video editing. I wanted to update my drivers because I'd think updating them frequently is good. I upgraded from my current driver 368.81 to a 372.xx driver and it black screened, with the mouse moveable. I then went into Safe Mode to fix and rollback the driver. It fixed it, so I hadn't updated it. I was getting a GTX 1060 anyway, since I was going to start having a video editing job, and the videos I'd produce would need a stronger GFX card. I got it, and had my local computer installer to install the GFX card. He had called me before we picked it up saying that they tried upgrading the card's driver to a 372.xx driver, and it did the same thing. Black screen with a mouse. They rollbacked the driver, and I'm still on 368.81. I really would like to update my drivers, since some games I play do not support this old driver.

I'm guessing these new drivers had an impact on something else in my computer, like my H81 motherboard, or something along those lines. I have an i5-4460 and 12 DDR3 ram. Do I need to update my BIOS or something else along those lines? I don't want to install the new 373.06, since it'll probably black screen.
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    Try uninstalling your old graphics drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller and then download and install the latest drivers from Nvidia that will help, failing that then try a fresh re-install of Windows and then install the latest drivers.
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