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I finally got around to picking up DA Inquistion but I'm having and odd stuttering issue I can't seem to fix. I'm able to run the game at max settings minus msaa, and achieve a pretty solid and smooth 60 fps gameplay at 1080p. My Problem is that even with unlocking the cutscene fps, there is still a noticeable stutter happening during cutscenes/dialogue. The weird thing is if I switch from fullscreen to borderless window, the cutscenes play almost perfectly but my gameplay becomes a little bit choppier. Anybody know a way to marry smooth gameplay and cutscenes? thanks.

Win 7 64
i7-870 3.5gz
970 strix
12gigs ddr3
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  1. Have you found the solution ? If you see my last thread i got the same problem with a different game. A guy pointed me a possible solution.

    Check it out.
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  2. I was wondering if you figured this out. I just bought this game for my PC as well and I have the same exact problem. It's awful!
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  3. Just chiming in here, sorry to necro. Googled around as I'm having the same issue and it looks like I just solved it.


    Per post #7 here, enabling triple buffering through Nvidia Control Panel seems to have done it. This is found under what is effectively control panel's homepage of "Manage 3d settings." In my case I also have vsync enabled ingame, freesync enabled on my 34" ultrawide if any of you have that feature (unsure if it's even helping), and borderless window mode enabled in-game as well. Gameplay is a solid 50+ FPS for me on high-ultra settings and cutscenes, the only real issue, are MUCH better now.

    Hope this helps!
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