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Hello, thanks for reading my question. I am about to build a workstation, specifically for 3D modeling, working in Unreal Engine 4, and using various other applications. I was looking at CPU's and I am torn on what to buy. I am looking at the Quad Core i7-6700k, and the i7-5820k. the i7-5820k has two extra cores, four extra threads, but is also clocked lower. I would overclock it but I am inexperienced with overclocking and wouldn't feel comfortable with it. Last time I overclocked my current cpu, I bumped it up 300 Mhz and got a BSOD. So not really my thing.
So what CPU do you recommend? 6700k or 5820k. OR... do you have a different recommendation? Btw, I cannot afford a 5960x.

I will be pairing this chip with 32GB of DDR4 and a GTX 1080.

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    5820k is the better CPU especially for what you want to do with it. The most important factor in your choice is the socket compatibility and upgrade paths. If you can find a 5820k for same or lower than a 6700k, it should last you a couple years with a decent cooler. However it is still more expensive at the moment so it makes more sense to go with a z170 platform.
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