Budget Video Editing/Gaming PC $250-450 can be used parts if necessary

Hello I'm looking for a budget friendly pc which can use used parts (mostly gpu and cpu and mobo if possible) I'll be doing After Effects, Photoshop, Vegas Pro, and more. The games I'll be playing are GTA V(stable 50-60 fps if possible I kinda want a good gpu), overwatch, and etc. I won't be counting Peripherals and more just the tower itself.. I'm planning on just buying an old i5 desktop and upgrading the storage, gpu, psu, and mobo if it doesnt support HDMI input, the case most likely and the old desktop i'm looking for are like i5-2400 or any other 2nd generation or etc Links are greatly appreciated and coupons too ( has great ones) and thanks in advanced!!
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    there are amd alternatives to 15-2400 which u can get new in ur budget...amd fx8300 is similar to i5 is a new build around ur budget with a new dx12 supported gpu...see if u like it...
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