IS 10ms input lag good for a gaming monitor?

i have gtx 1060 6G and i was looking for a 1080p 60hz monitor
and i found the benQ rl2455hm
i saw reviews they say it is 10ms input lag
so is that good for fast FPS games like BF??
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    Question from Abdelrahman_3 : "is benQ rl2455hm good for pc gaming and low latency?"

    i have gtx 1060 and i want a 1080p 60hz monitor with low latency and input lag
    so will this do the jop?
    Question from MARK_kakuzo : "best 1080p 60hz PC gaming monitor under 200$"

    i want low response time and input lag
    should i go with benq rl2455hm or there is a better one

    and should i care about the response time?
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