Computer Crashes while playing World of Warcraft

So I have been troubleshooting my problem for 3 days and can't seem to find any solution, maybe someone here can help :).

I built this rig about 2.5 years ago and I've always had some stability issues with it. About once a month it would randomly crash while gaming which I thought was do to poor cooling. I replaced all my case fans, but seeing as it only crashed once a month, it was hard to tell how much it helped.

In the last 3 days it will not let me play Wow for more than 15 minutes without crashing.

Here's what happens, I'll be playing then my monitor goes black, all my PC fans shut off, and the power LED light blinks. The only way I can get it back on is to turn the PSU switch off and back on. It boots up like nothing happened.

Outside of these crashes, my computer runs pretty amazing and can run all my games on high settings staying about 60fps.

Things I've tried:
-Clean/dust case
-Replaced CPU fan and heatsink (The stock ones loud AF)
-Stress Tested CPU and GPU (temps and performance are normal)
-Updated Drivers
-Updated MB bios
-Checked all connections in case

I have read of someone having a similar issues, and he said it ended up being a bad PCIE slot, or bad PSU, but I just don't think that's it when it runs so well the rest of the time... Even under stress tests.

I did talk to someone the other day at the computer store, and he said he thinks it could be a software issue... But I'm not sure what to do now? Thoughts?

Computer Specs:
OS: Windows 8.1
MB: MSI 970 Gaming
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 270
PSU: Corsair CD750
RAM: 8G (2x4G)

Edit: I'm not sure if it's worth mentioning, but I upgraded to Windows 10 for about 2 days before quickly reinstalling 8.1... Not sure if that's important lol.
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    Try borrowing another known, good, working PSU, even something around 500-600 watts would be enough for a test.
    If your system fires up and runs, especially in Wow or any other game, then you know it is the PSU that is going bad.
    If the problem persists, try another video card.
    The fans shutting off and power LED light blinking seems to me to be a sign that the PSU might be having an issue - even though it isn't consistent.

    Oh, one last thing; you sure the power supply is a CD750 and not a CX750?
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