How to remove Win10 & files from a SSD used as a boot drive to use as a storage drive?

Hi There,

Hope someone can advise. I would like to remove Win10 & all files from a current SSD that I am using at the moment as a boot drive so I can move it into my new PC build and use it as a storage drive with my other HDDs. I have bought a new SSD for the new PC build so I can install a new copy of Win10 since I will be using a new Motherboard and CPU. This will allow me to DL all the needed drivers before moving my HDDs over.

1. Do I need to reformat the old SSD to wipe it clean to use as a storage drive or is there another way?
2. How do I reformat the SDD if it is currently being used in my old PC as a boot drive?
3. Can I simply move my HDDs over from the old to new PC if they only have music, movies & pic files (disconnect from old mobo > reconnect to the new mobo)?

Thank you
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  1. 1) You need to format it.
    2) Take out the system the SSD, connect your HDD, boot from the USB the iso for the windows and install it on the HDD.
    3) In fact, you can. (I have done the same, but my case was i had the HDD the SO, and want to be the SSD the main disk)
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    I think what lucks said is correct, but it's hard to understand. There is nothing magical about the windows files, but there are often hidden files and folders on boot drives. There may also be hidden partitions, such as emergency reinstall partitions.

    If you know how to see them, you should be able to delete them. But, they're what makes the computer work, so you can't delete them while you're using them for your OS.

    I recommend getting your new drive up and running, first. Once that's done, you can easily deal with the old files. Formatting is optional, unless you're changing to an incompatible OS, but it's probably a good idea. Just make sure you look for those hidden recovery partitions, or you'll only be formatting part of the drive. There may not be one, but the odds are good that there is.
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