My External Hard Drive is showing up as Local Disk (D:)

I have a Seagate Back Up Slim Plus 2TB, I reformatted/reset my laptop back then, then I plugged in my external hard drive, and for some reason, all my files are gone, then the external hard drive takes too long to open, and when it did, you can't even use it. Like, it's literally nothing plus it slows down your computer. I have accepted the fact that I can't bring back my files and such, but it would be could if I can. I got my laptop fixed because it had problems when I reformatted/reset it so I plugged in my external hard drive again. I researched about it, turns out I need to format it? I tried the Quick Format option but it doesn't work. So I fully formatted the external hard drive but it doesn't do anything? Does it really take that long? How many hours/days does it take? Thank you!
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  1. Go to Disk Management, it will let you format it their (a quick format will work) and assign it a drive letter :)
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    Hi there rxcahttp,

    Unfortunately, there's a chance that the drive is failing.

    I believe you can check several things:
    - See if the drive is properly recognized when attached with a different USB cable to another computer. That way, we will be able to rule out a possible connection/drivers related issue.
    - Make sure the drive appears under Disk Management and how. It would be nice to post a screenshot.
    - See if you will be able to access the drive with some data recovery tool:
    - Test the drive:

    Let us know how this goes,
    D_Know_WD :)
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