Reinstalling Windows 8.1 on a Dell PC with new hard drive, and recovering product key

First post, yay! I'm the new guy at my IT job, and I'm hitting a wall with this reinstall.

Please help!
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  1. It's 8.1 Pro 64 bit btw
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    Options are: 1) factory image is still ok, you can attempt to clone it to your new disk. Some ppl recommended easyus utility ( but never used it. Also not 100% sure if that one is fit for the recovery partition...

    2) factory image not ok (maybe entire disk gone south) - nothing that you can do with it... so probably a shorter route is to contact dell

    good luck
  3. Too late now but you should have created & saved an image of the entire hard drive whilst it was still healthy.
    I wouldn't even dream of having a PC without a backup image. A lesson you need to remember in future I would say.

    Dell might be able to supply you with recovery discs but even that should be no excuse for not keeping your system backed up.
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